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What are some ways to manage one’s online reputation?

As we all know, the key to every successful business hinges on how well the reputation of any given brand is upheld.

How are people perceiving your site or brand? What are people saying? Believe it or not, everything that is said online about your brand DOES matter. You need to know what people are saying, and where they are saying it.

Free notification services like Google Alerts and TalkWalker Alerts make managing one’s brand possible.

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Manage Your e-Reputation Like a Boss

What are some ways to define my traffic and overall users?

One of the best ways to define your typical visitor is to create personas.

Personas are representations of your visitors based on the data you have on your traffic.

They help you understand the goals of your user and adapt your interface accordingly.

Here are the main questions you can ask in order to create a targeted persona:

Who is your visitor?

  • Where is he from?
  • What’s his annual income?
  • What’s his level of education?
  • Is he the type to use the Internet to access sites such as yours every day?
  • Does he purchase things on the web?

Why is he on your website?

  • What are the most visited pages?
  • What are the most commonly searched keywords?
  • What are the most clicked spots / elements?

How is he on your website?

  • What type of device is he using?
  • What’s his OS?
  • What’s the size of his screen?
  • What’s the speed of his connection? (is he on dial up?)

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How to Create Personas

What are heatmaps and why are they useful?

Heatmaps are visual representations. They’re visual cues you can refer to to see the most clicked or frequented areas of a website. In other words, they give you a visual breakdown of visitor behavior.

Heatmaps are one of the most efficient ways to assess the design of your landing pages.

By being able to visualize the behavior of your traffic, this allows you to analyze the overall behavior of your audience as a whole. In many ways, heatmaps allow you to spot the attractive (and most popular) areas of your site, and the sections that nobody cares about.

In practical terms, you can decipher or confirm what behavior was expected, and also learn a thing or two about unexpected user-behavior.

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Heatmaps: Read the Heat

What makes a good web marketer? (article BTB2 manquant)

In marketing, patience and perseverance wins out over everything else. These 2 qualities alone make a marketer. However, with every marketer, comes faux pas.

Good marketers should avoid these common mistakes…

  • Thinking one’s too good for social media.
  • Not bridging the gap.
  • Not knowing how to network.
  • Thinking that making big money is easy and quick.
  • Not recognizing one’s own strengths…


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Why should I “A/B test”?

We A/B test to see which banner or campaign performs better. Marketing is data driven, and trying different variations and approaches has always been good practice;

Think of it as “Test A” and “Test B.”

A/B testing your ads is a way to optimize an ad’s performance and ensure that the campaigns you’re running are not only effective, but generating the most conversions.

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Why You Should Spend More Time A/B Testing Your Ads

Between PPL, PPS, and Revshare, is there a “best” payout type?

If there was one clear winning payout type or formula, there’s a good chance we’d only be offering this one specific type ourselves.

So, no, there’s really no universal answer to the question of which payout type is THE best.

Each and every single one of us needs to figure out for ourselves what type of payout fits his or her own needs—and the spending habits of their visitors.

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Payout Race: What Horse Are You Betting On?


What are some ways to build an adult audience?

There’s many ways to start an adult following, but if you really want quality adult traffic that will convert in the long run, let’s first get one misconception out of the way: there is no magic formula.

Acquiring adult traffic can be a slow and tedious process—but the end result is always worth it.

You can’t do it without providing great content

  • Make use of what’s available

Remember this, boys and girls:  the big boys are our friends.

We say this because it’s no secret that the biggest of the big want to become even bigger.  We can name a number of sites that want one thing: other site owners to share / embed their hosted content.

HOLLA at the experienced!

Reddit, Tumblr, and Imgur are three fairly safe bets for observing all the hottest content trends and finding inspiration—with sites like ManyVids, Clips4Sale and MyDirtyHobby offering amateur rich content that can be bought and aggregated.

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Building an Adult Audience

What does Visa’s new Chargeback policies mean for the affiliate industry?

As of July 1, 2016, Visa’s new Chargeback Monitoring Program’s regulations have been a cause for concern for both merchants and affiliate marketers alike.

In a nutshell, Visa is cracking down on chargeback ratios … and there’s a high probability adult marketers will not escape unscathed. This may change the way you promote adult products to the European market on some verticals.

Introducing Visa’s Chargeback Monitoring Program

  • What does Visa’s new Monitoring Program mean for merchants?

The previously authorized chargeback rate of 2% of sales (or 200 chargebacks per month) has been cut in half.

Since July 1, 2016, the new chargeback rate has been set to 1% of sales (or 100 chargebacks per month).

The new policies and stricter regulations imposed by Visa will have a ripple-like effect on marketing campaigns and affiliates all around in ways many might not initially realize

Here’s how…

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Visa’s New Chargeback Policies & The Butterfly Effect in the Affiliate Industry

How do the holidays like Christmas affect online affiliate sales?

While Christmas may be known for lower sales in Western countries while web surfers spend more time with their loved ones and friends — surprisingly, there’s a few countries that have the opposite effect:  China, Japan, Malaysia, and Russia, just to name a few. These countries actually see more conversions during the Holiday months.

Even India and Italy seem to be immune…


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What are the current hottest Adult Marketing trends per Vertical?

At CrakRevenue, here are the trends we’ve witnessed throughout 2015:

Vertical Trends


  • Had the best ROI based on traffic volume sent
  • Best long term values in the industry as a whole.


  • Attracts the highest volumes of traffic.
  • More stability in earnings over longer periods of time, thanks in part to rebills.


  • Consistent revenue streams, year in and year out.
  • Dominating mobile-market player.


  • Surveys are attracting more and more quality traffic;
  • These offer higher engagement levels especially in Popunder form, over traditional pops.


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Is the Mobile Market a worthwhile focus?

Yes. Mobile advertising is definitely worth the hype—and focus.

With the number of Mobile users only expected to grow in the coming years, users as we all know are becoming more and more comfortable using their mobile devices for just about anything they might normally do on their computer. And visiting adult sites is no exception here.

That’s why it has never been more important to get a piece of that Mobile pie — and adapt that site of yours for the Mobile Revolution.


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Be Responsive! – Part 1 – Mobile Thoughts

Who’s behind CrakRevenue?

CrakRevenue was founded in 2006 after 3 friends and roommates realized they were pretty good at building websites — and even better at promoting them (as affiliates).

A lot has changed since then, except for one thing: they’re still affiliates.

Our professional team includes skilled marketers, inspired designers and IT experts, all committed into making every partnership a success.



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CrakRevenue – About Us

What is CrakRevenue?

CrakRevenue is a CPA Network, born from the need of an internal stats and revenue tracking program for all of the traffic we manage. CR – an affiliate resource that allows partners to find the best products to monetize traffic, has evolved to become a powerful CPA platform.

With our extensive expertise running adult websites and affiliate campaigns, we can offer both Advertisers and Affiliates rewarding business opportunities and long lasting partnerships by linking them with our successful adult affiliate network, CrakRevenue.

After much testing, we have been able to open up the program to receive more applications so that everyone can take advantage of our high-performing platform.

CrakRevenue is made by affiliates for affiliates.



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How to Make Money Online With Adult Traffic

Affiliate Program Directory

An Affiliate Program Directory is a comprehensive, categorized listing of the most important affiliate programs available

These listings usually include crucial information such as commission rates and possible payouts for the affiliates.

Affiliate Marketing

As you probably already know, online Affiliate Marketing is a type of performance-based marketing. It consists of displaying a product or service to influence web users.

In other words, it means that you only get paid when a visitor completes a desired action (i.e., registers on a site, pays for something, etc.) and that is what’s called a conversion.

Desired goals may vary, but the most common is to convert a web visitor into a paying customer.

The entity paying the affiliate for each conversion is the provider of an offer (also known as the sponsor). It’s a company that has something to sell and needs someone to promote it.

Sponsors typically deal with affiliates through an affiliation program which allows would-be affiliates to advertise their offers for a commission in return. This commission may be paid per click, per action (Lead), per sale, or even Revshare – which is a shared percentage of revenue earned.

Here’s a little diagram that illustrates Affiliate Marketing below:


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How to Make Money Online with Adult Traffic

Day 1 – Myths and affiliate definitions

Welcome to Day 1 of our Masterclass.

We often hear ‘’Earn easy money online’’, ‘’Make billions from your couch’’, ‘’ How to build a fortune, being a single parent of thirteen kids with no legs, but an internet connection…’’’

And at the end of the day, don’t we all want just that (minus the leg issues)?

We know that you have the good common sense to know that some things in life really are too good to be true, and that these ads are often misleading and deceitful. Most of these ads want to make you think that quick and big money is attainable without any real effort.


While it’s true that a fair number of people have found success with online earning, you have to understand that for many, it takes years of hard work and experience to reach this point.

But you seem ready to pull up your sleeves and start learning, or you wouldn’t be here reading this masterclass, right?

Stick with us… and learn how the best affiliates in adult got their slice of this billion-dollar pie.


1 — It’s easy

We said it before; it is not easy. Just like any business really, you’ll need to put in the effort if you want to see results. There’s no magic wand here: it’s all about perseverance, dedication and learning how to adapt.

The affiliate marketing industry withstands a constant influx of new affiliates, one of the reasons being how hard it can be, especially when you’re just starting out.

Here’s the truth that you might not want to know:

  1. It’s time-consuming
  2. It’s competitive
  3. It’s very dynamic

So if you’re serious about this business model, prepare to face, and hopefully overcome, many challenges.

2 — It’s a ‘’Get Rich Quick’’ scheme

Who wouldn’t want to strike gold on the first try? We see how some super affiliates are making mad bank — sometimes as much as $100,000 per month or more — and think it might happen to us overnight. You want to boast about buying the latest Tesla model or take a selfie with your McMansion.

Reality check: super affiliates or for that matter, any successful affiliate (as in, who makes money online) worked their asses off to reach the point where they are today. If you’re blogging, sales might only pop up after the 3-6 month mark.

Do you see the problem? 

Waking up from this “nightmare” by realizing that affiliate marketing takes timededicationplanning and effort—it’s not exactly what you would call instant gratification, right?

3 — Once you’re set, it’s all passive income

Picture this: You’re laying on a sandy white beach (or bathing in rooftop pool), sipping a drink while watching your bank account grow, doing nothing but enjoying life.

Nice, isn’t it? The truth is, unless you win the lottery, this is unlikely to be you.

Passive income might be the ultimate goal you’re pursuing, but know that there’s no such thing. Affiliates need to adapt, no matter how lucrative their campaigns, blogs, etc. are. The upkeep costs to remain competitive are REAL.

Surprised? There are literally millions of predators in this jungle we call the Internet—sometimes hunting down the same prey and ready to reduce the competition at all costs.

So while you’re relaxing, others are coming up with new strategies to leave you with nothing but bones to gnaw on.

Let’s speak Affiliate from now on, shall we?

The words “affiliate marketing,” “conversion,” “provider,” “CTA,”  and “traffic monetization” may be some of the most commonly used words in the business — but do you really know what they all mean?

Let’s start with a couple of definitions to make sure we speak the same language and refer to the same things.

Affiliate Marketing
“Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.”           Source: Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income

You know that Web Marketing consists of displaying a product or service to influence web users. Well, affiliate marketing was built on this same principle, with one important twist: it’s based on conversion performance.

In other words, it means that you only get paid when a visitor completes a desired action (i.e., registers on a site, pays for something, etc.) and that’s what is called a conversion. Desired goals may vary, but the most common is to convert a web visitor into a paying customer.

How does it work?

You [the affiliate] send traffic to the advertiser’s product by promoting one (or many) products/offers. The advertiser(s) will, in exchange, pay you a commission for every action executed by your visitors. It is important to note that while the provider(s) pay you for certain actions (i.e., getting paid for every lead sent to a cam site, or having a visitor watch a certain video) he still expects, in return, a qualified lead that will generate sales for his company.

What is a niche?

(How do you even say that? — isn’t it that popular shoe brand?)

A niche is a smaller segment of an entire market. You’ll need to find the niche you’re interested in working with because trying to target the whole population and promote a large range of offers will most likely not get you the results you are hoping for.

Here are some tips:

  • Find the right audience for your content
  • Visit the tag section of websites to spot popular content
  • Use catchy, yet relevant titles
  • Find and build original and interesting content to share
  • Use Google to find popular search elements or keywords

After a while with a niche-based site, you will get targeted organic traffic without having to pay anyone or get into media buying to get visitors to your site.

You can also build an email list using a simple email magnet on your site. You can also put ads and offers on it related to the niche you are targeting.