What are some ways to define my traffic and overall users?

One of the best ways to define your typical visitor is to create personas.

Personas are representations of your visitors based on the data you have on your traffic.

They help you understand the goals of your user and adapt your interface accordingly.

Here are the main questions you can ask in order to create a targeted persona:

Who is your visitor?

  • Where is he from?
  • What’s his annual income?
  • What’s his level of education?
  • Is he the type to use the Internet to access sites such as yours every day?
  • Does he purchase things on the web?

Why is he on your website?

  • What are the most visited pages?
  • What are the most commonly searched keywords?
  • What are the most clicked spots / elements?

How is he on your website?

  • What type of device is he using?
  • What’s his OS?
  • What’s the size of his screen?
  • What’s the speed of his connection? (is he on dial up?)

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