What does Visa’s new Chargeback policies mean for the affiliate industry?

As of July 1, 2016, Visa’s new Chargeback Monitoring Program’s regulations have been a cause for concern for both merchants and affiliate marketers alike.

In a nutshell, Visa is cracking down on chargeback ratios … and there’s a high probability adult marketers will not escape unscathed. This may change the way you promote adult products to the European market on some verticals.

Introducing Visa’s Chargeback Monitoring Program

  • What does Visa’s new Monitoring Program mean for merchants?

The previously authorized chargeback rate of 2% of sales (or 200 chargebacks per month) has been cut in half.

Since July 1, 2016, the new chargeback rate has been set to 1% of sales (or 100 chargebacks per month).

The new policies and stricter regulations imposed by Visa will have a ripple-like effect on marketing campaigns and affiliates all around in ways many might not initially realize

Here’s how…

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