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Promote hundreds of new offers and customized landing pages in CrakRevenue!

What payout types are available?

We offer more than 1000 offers with different payout types.

At CrakRevenue, you will find pay-per-lead (PPL) offers, subdivided into SOI (Single Opt-In) and DOI (Double Opt-In), pay-per-sale (PPS), Click-per-Install (CPI) and RevShare programs available to promote.

Because you are joining a group of Webmasters who generate large volumes of leads, you will have access to higher payouts. The more quality traffic you send, the more we will be able to raise your payout.

What Is CrakRevenue’s Survey Machine?

CrakRevenue’s Survey Machine is an exclusive tool that allows you to create customized Surveys based on your specific needs.

The Survey that you create follows the same Survey model as Crak’s signature line of Survey offers (see: The Porn Survey, The Dating Survey):

  1. The user is invited to complete the survey by answering several short questions
  2. The user completes the survey after answering all the Qs
  3. For the user’s participation in completing the survey, the user is offered a series of ‘Rewards’ as a thank you & incentive. There are typically about 4 ‘Rewards’ and all of them are CrakRevenue related Offers/Offerings. Your user gets to pick which one he or she wishes to take advantage of/redeem.

Of course, your affiliate tracking link is included in each offer that appears at the end of the completed Survey. So, if the visitor signs up or registers for any offer, you will of course earn $$$ based on the payout model for that corresponding offer!

The Survey Generator allows you to choose  the design, the questions, and even the vertical at hand for the associated Offer ‘Rewards’!

Therefore, with this tool, you can create a survey that’s more customized and tailored to the needs of your traffic!

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What are CrakRevenue’s smartlinks?

The smartlinks are sending your traffic to the offer best suited to your traffic, based on user device, location and the vertical of your choosing. To maximize conversions, smartlinks utilizes creatives and landers that have proven to have the highest CTR. Not sure which offer is best for your traffic? This offer & smartlink is your best ally!

Smartlinks are available in the following verticals:

  • Dating (18+)
  • VOD/Paysites (18+)
  • Cams (18+)
  • Adult (18+) (A combination of all 3 verticals mentioned above)
  • Gaming (G)
  • Gaming (18+)
  • Gay (18+)
  • Mobile Carrier (18+)

All smartlinks are optimized on a daily basis.

Get Smarter about Smartlinks! from CrakRevenue on Vimeo.

What is CrakRevenue’s Native Ad Tool?

CrakRevenue’s Native Ad Generator is an exclusive tool that allows you to create natural and relevant ads that will conform to the look and feel of a site, blog or tube.

Native Ads are key to higher engagement and ultimately, more conversions. They allow for a better and more natural sales flow.

  1. The user clicks on an ad that appears on a site; you can adapt the design of your ads to fit with the site.
  2. By clicking on the link, the user will access content and other relevant links.
  3. Ultimately, the user will click on an ad that will open a landing page. At this point, the user is already interested in your product and the conversion rate tends to be much higher.

Our Native Ad Generator allows you to choose various categories of advertisements that will best suit your traffic.

Over the course of the next few steps, you will have options that will enable your ad to match the overall look and feel of your site, so they won’t disrupt the user’s experience.

  1. First, name your campaign in the top left corner of the page.
  2. Choose your Template. As soon as you’ve selected one, you will be able to see a preview of your Native Ads at the bottom of the screen.
  3. In the “Niche Settings” tab, you’ll have a few basic options for the content of your ads, such as:

    a. Sexual Orientation
    b. Nudity
    c. Categories

  4. In the “Native Ads Settings” tab, you’ll be able to modify the shape of your template.
  5. The “Image Settings” tab lets you customize the way your Native Ad thumbnails will appear and display. You can choose:

    a. To display or not display the image
    b. Your desired image type: square, portrait, landscape or widescreen
    c. The padding between each Native Ad
    d. The size and color of the optional border

  6. The “Text Settings” tab lets you customize dozens of various text options regarding your Native Ad.  For instance, choose:

    a. To display or not display any text
    b. The text position, alignment, lines, and size
    c. The font family / style
    d. The color and the behavior when a user hovers

  7. Finally, for the more advanced users out there, there is the “Custom CSS” tab. In this tab, you can simply copy / paste CSS code that will make the widget look the way you want.

After completing these steps, you’ll now have Native Ads on your site!

We’ve made a short video to guide you. 

CrakRevenue’s Native Ads Generator from CrakRevenue on Vimeo.

Is there a way to promote a specific model on MyFreeCams?

You can send your traffic directly to your favorite MFC model’s room if she’s online.

Simply add &model=nameofthecamgirl at the end of your CrakRevenue MFC link code.


(The above example is for examples purposes only — this is NOT your affiliate link)

If the model you choose is not online, the system will detect this and your visitor will be redirected to the MyFreeCams homepage.


Please also note: This may not always work on certain web-browsers:

IE 6,7,8 and Safari — These browsers are known to keep the user on MyFreeCams’ homepage.



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How do I choose the right offers?

It helps to know your traffic well. To be able to select an offer that will generate leads/sales, it’s important to make sure that your offer selection fits your promotion method(s) and traffic!

  • The first thing you want to try are our smartlinks! They contain our best converting offers and are auto-optimized by our team. They will fit any visitor’s location and device.


  • You can filter offers by offer vertical, payout type, niche, and country.


  • you can talk with one of our Affiliate Advisers and tell them a little bit about your traffic (which countries your visitors come from, whether they’re Mobile or Desktop users, etc.) and get tailored professional guidance.

How to pick the right tour / landing page?

At CrakRevenue, we create our own custom landing pages, as well as hundreds of banners in just about any size. It’s up to you to take full advantage of the different tour and landing page options by choosing a landing that’s best suited to your traffic.

For instance, be sure to explore all our tours for each offer in the “Choose Landing Page” section.

Some are even customized by niche (teens, MILFs, big boobs, and so on… for instance).

In the end, find the right tour for you by A/B testing.



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Why are certain offers capped/blocked?

All new CrakRevenue affiliates start out with a cap of 25 leads per day, per offer, for a minimum 5-day period.

You’re just starting out with us, so this will allow us to get to know your traffic better before we grant you full access.

When will my offers become uncapped/unblocked?

We closely monitor capped accounts and will automatically lift the restriction once the conversion ratio is satisfactory. You will be notified immediately once the cap is lifted from your account. Although, If you happen to send more than 25 leads per day to a specific program during this small time period, don’t hesitate to contact your Affiliate Adviser or the support team.

What will happen to the leads I send while my account is capped/blocked?

During this trial period, if or when the cap is surpassed, the offer will be redirected to the appropriate Revshare offer. The cap is only temporary and will be lifted as soon as we’re able to see that you’re sending quality traffic that converts.

Do you sell traffic?

No, we don’t sell traffic through CrakRevenue, for now.

However, if you have product(s) you would like to advertise on our platform, fill out our Advertiser Registration Form HERE and get traffic from our affiliates!


Do you geo-target your offers?

We are highly experienced in the art of geo-targeting.

Your users & visitors will always see the best available offer based on their geographic location, so you always stand to make the most money possible.


If one of your visitors from an unaccepted country visits a specific offer, this visitor will be redirected to the appropriate offer that does accept this visitor’s location.

The good news: traffic from unaccepted GEOs is never lost!

Talking about geo-targeted offers; have you heard of our Smartlinks? Find out everything you need to know HERE and optimise your traffic without lifting a finger!


How does CrakRevenue’s referral program work?

If someone signs up under your CrakRevenue Webmaster Referral link, you will receive 5% in referral commissions — 5% of whatever your referral earns each day, for as long as he is with CrakRevenue.

Please note that you will not receive a referral commission for creating multiple accounts or referring yourself.

Also, affiliates referred by you may be removed from the list at anytime, should we close their account.

Look for the “Referrals” tab from your dashboard to get your referral link.

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Whale Hunting 2.0

Change the view mode based on your preferences

Select your Offer.

Once you have found the perfect offer, click the offer name to select it.

You can also use the View site link to preview / check out the particular offer’s landing page.

Once in the detailed offer page, you’ll have all the information about it including the offer’s description, payout type, payout rate, the accepted countries, the conversion flow, terms & conditions, etc.

How to setup your own Postback

Steps to set up an offer-specific postback:

Step 1:  Visit the offer for which you want to create a postback.

Step 2:  Expand the “Postbacks options” section.

Step 3:  Leave “Goal” at the “Default” value.

Step 4:  Click “Add Optional Variables” to insert the conversion data that you want to postback in the postback URL. (* See additional information in regards to the Optional Variables, at the end of this article)

Step 5:  Select whether your postback URL starts with “http” or “https”.

Add the rest of your postback URL in the “Type your postback URL here” field and position the previously added variables in the URL.

Finalize & create it by clicking the “Create Postback” button!

Important! If you have a global postback in place, you don’t need to create individual postbacks, as you will receive duplicated data. Always contact our support team to update your GLOBAL postback.

Learn more about Global Postback HERE

Description of the Optional Variables that can be inserted in your postback:

Read more about postbacks:




Browse/Search Offers

The ‘Search Offers’ field allows you to easily search and find that perfect offer for all your needs. Already know the best keyword to use in the hunt for that perfect offer?  Even better!  Because this search function is the fastest way to find and navigate to an offer.

You can use the advanced search filters for a more personalized search.

In the left-hand menu, click Offers. You will then see the Offer List.

    • Available filters:
      • Vertical : the main offer category
      • Payout type : The way you will be paid per type of conversion
        – DOI : double opt-in
        – PPI : pay per install
        – PPS: pay per sale
        – Revshare : revenue sharing
        – SOI: single opt-in
      • Targeting: offers accepting a specific device
      • Country: offers accepting a specific country
      • Brand: specific brands you want to promote
      • Niche: a more specific category that specifies what type of niched content is offered
      • ​Audience G or 18+: allows you to filter mainstream offers from adult related content

Featured only” check box: Checking this box will filter the offers by showing only the top converting ones.

Generate your Tracking link – Sub IDs

Generate your tracking link based on your preferences!

You can customize it by adding a source or another Sub ID. The information you write in the Sub Ids will automatically appear in your affiliate link.

For your landing page, you can choose between two options:

    • Auto-optimized: we’ll present the best landing page available for this particular offer at the time.
    • Manual: you select your desired landing page with this option

Then, choose between multiple creatives (different types and formats to fit all your needs!).  Select as many as you want.  A list will appear at the bottom of the page showing your selections.

    • Mouse over the magnifying glass to see a preview of the creative.
    • Use the link button to copy the creative / code to the clipboard.
    • Click the remove button at the right so that creative disappears from the list.

What is the CrakRevenue Legacy Balance Transfer Offer?

The CR stats from the original platform (CrakRevenue Legacy) and your older links continue to be accounted for and reported in new platform.

The CrakRevenue Legacy stats are reproduced every 5 minutes and can be found in the CrakRevenue 2.0 platform in an offer called “CrakRevenue legacy balance transfer.”

You can apply an offer filter in the Statistics panel to see those statistics only. You need to specifically visit the Legacy platform to see specific offer details pertaining to conversions or sales.

Widgets in the Native Ads

After using the Native Ads Generator, a widget will be generated.
It’s important to know that once you close the Native Ads Generator page, the widget that you created can not be modified anymore. 

However you can retrieve the code later on by following those steps:

  • Go on the Native Ads page (the offer’s page, not the generator). Either by searching for it or using the following link:
  • At the bottom of the page, where you normally see the banners, select “HTML Ads”.
  • The widgets that you generated will be available under the size that is there by default.
  • When you select one of those in the list, at the bottom in the “Creatives” section, you will see that your widgets have the name you gave them when you generated those.
  • You can then click on “COPY CODE” to retrieve it.

Help me find the best offers

If you have traffic from multiple geos and it’s not easy for you to dispatch the traffic in the optimal combinations geos / offers, your best option is probably to use a smartlink. They are ”buckets” of our best converting offers. They contains between 50 and 300 different offers that are auto-optimized according to the location of the visitor and the device he is using.

Here is the link to generate your personalized Smartlink.

However, if you are looking for individual offers to promote, click on the following button to try our Traffic Qualifier and find the best offer suited for your traffic! 💸

Offer Finder


I will give you one more tip… Our Top Offers are clearly identified with a star in our lists of offers.

Get your links ready and happy promoting!