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Why are certain offers capped/blocked?

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All new CrakRevenue affiliates start out with a cap of 25 leads per day, per offer, for a minimum 5-day period.

You’re just starting out with us, so this will allow us to get to know your traffic better before we grant you full access.

When will my offers become uncapped/unblocked?

We closely monitor capped accounts and will automatically lift the restriction once the conversion ratio is satisfactory. You will be notified immediately once the cap is lifted from your account. Although, If you happen to send more than 25 leads per day to a specific program during this small time period, don’t hesitate to contact your Affiliate Adviser or the support team.

What will happen to the leads I send while my account is capped/blocked?

During this trial period, if or when the cap is surpassed, the offer will be redirected to the appropriate Revshare offer. The cap is only temporary and will be lifted as soon as we’re able to see that you’re sending quality traffic that converts.