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What Is CrakRevenue’s Survey Machine?

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CrakRevenue’s Survey Machine is an exclusive tool that allows you to create customized Surveys based on your specific needs.

The Survey that you create follows the same Survey model as Crak’s signature line of Survey offers:

  1. The user is invited to complete the survey by answering several short questions
  2. The user completes the survey after answering all the Qs
  3. For the user’s participation in completing the survey, the user is offered a series of ‘Rewards’ as a thank you & incentive. There are typically about 4 ‘Rewards’ and all of them are CrakRevenue related Offers/Offerings. Your user gets to pick which one he or she wishes to take advantage of/redeem.

Of course, your affiliate tracking link is included in each offer that appears at the end of the completed Survey. So, if the visitor signs up or registers for any offer, you will of course earn $$$ based on the payout model for that corresponding offer!

The Survey Generator allows you to choose  the design, the questions, and even the vertical at hand for the associated Offer ‘Rewards’!

Therefore, with this tool, you can create a survey that’s more customized and tailored to the needs of your traffic!

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