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What is CrakRevenue’s Dating Smartlink?

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What is CrakRevenue’s Dating Smartlink?

CrakRevenue’s Dating Smartlink is an exclusive turnkey solution designed to maximize your earnings with one powerful link.

A perfect combination of machine learning and business intelligence powered by complex algorithms that processes thousands of data lines automatically, just for you.

CrakRevenue’s Smartlink is optimized for 300+ top converting offers on 251 geos.
Enter a new sea of opportunities and let the world’s smartest ad tool work for you!

Watch this video to learn more about CrakRevenue’s Dating Smartlink.

Read this tutorial to learn how you can unleash its power today!

Log into your CrakRevenue dashboard and click on the Dating Smartlink tab to get started.

The following steps will help you customize your Smartlink to best suit your needs and convert your traffic like never before!

1- Select your preferred Smartlink

Dating is the most lucrative vertical to promote using CrakRevenue’s Smartlink.
That being said, you can also promote our top-converting Cam offers.

You can even promote all our Adult verticals at once with the Global Adult option!

2- Choose a payout type

Our best-performing offers come with one of these two payout types: PPS and RevShare.

These payout types define how you will get paid.

You can choose to promote only PPS or RevShare offers or include them all by selecting Multi CPA.

3- Set a promotion medium

Tell your Smartlink which promotion medium you will be using to advertise the selected top-converting offers.

Note: This is a crucial optimization step that lets the Smartlink know which traffic type you exploit to ensure the best possible results.

4- Add a custom Sub ID

The easiest way to think of a Sub ID is as a tracker or campaign label for one’s campaign.

Add a custom Sub ID to your SmartLink to track your different campaigns’ performance.

The information you write in the Sub ID field will automatically appear on your affiliate link.

5- Set your extra earnings preferences

Make sure to enable the extra earning options to get the most out of your Smartlink.

Pop-unders are an excellent way to make additional income with an existing affiliate marketing campaign. It consists of a new browser window that does not interrupt users on your website but rather appears when they close the active window.

Back offers are complementary offers displayed when users click on Previous/Back to access the previous page. This means you can promote additional geo-relevant top offers that will be presented to users when they leave your page using the Previous/Back button.

Experience shows enabling extra earnings can increase your earnings by up to 20%, without any additional effort on your part!

6- Convert them all!

Once you have completed your Smartlink’s customization, simply click the green button to copy your Smartlink.

Other formats, including tested in-house creatives, are also available to best suit your needs.

Finish up by placing your Smartlink where you want to promote our top-converting offers.
And voila!

Reminder: Keep in mind that setting a promotion medium (step 3) is essential for optimal results.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to chat with our Customer Experience Team!