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Widgets in the Native Ads

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After using the Native Ads Generator, a widget will be generated.
It’s important to know that once you close the Native Ads Generator page, the widget that you created can not be modified anymore. 

However you can retrieve the code later on by following those steps:

  • Go on the Native Ads page (the offer’s page, not the generator). Either by searching for it or using the following link: https://affiliates.crakrevenue.com/offers/3846
  • At the bottom of the page, where you normally see the banners, select “HTML Ads”.
  • The widgets that you generated will be available under the size that is there by default.
  • When you select one of those in the list, at the bottom in the “Creatives” section, you will see that your widgets have the name you gave them when you generated those.
  • You can then click on “COPY CODE” to retrieve it.