Payment not received yet; what are the delays per payment methods?

The actual payment may, or may not, occur on the scheduled payment date, depending on the method.

Here is an approximation, for each of our payment methods:

ACH: For Canada/US*, Up to 1 business day, or more. Other countries, 1 – 10 business days
Check: Up to 6 weeks, or more, depending on your region, as they are sent by standard mail from Canada.
Paxum: Same day.
PayPal: Same day.
Wire: 1 – 10 business days, or more.

You can always check out this article for more information on payments.

Just remember these do not reflect additional delays that may be caused due to unforeseen circumstances otherwise out of our control, as a result of, but not limited to, local laws, bank processing standards, additional verification, shipping times, local holidays, server status, and check shipping times.

*Any transfer to accounts ultimately linked to Payoneer accounts will be returned. Additional delays may apply. To avoid these delays, we suggest a new payment method or ACH account be added immediately, if possible

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