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Discover MassPay, Our Best Payment Method


MassPay is available in more than 240 countries and markets. That also means cashing in your profits in over 70 currencies, including cryptocurrencies.

No need to create another account: it’s done automatically with your email address! MassPay sends you your monthly payouts on our behalf, and you can cash them in using one of these 4 ways*:

  • Bank deposit (local currencies)
  • InstaPay (to a debit card)
  • Cryptocurrency options
  • Bank wire transfer (in USD)

* Some options are only available in specific countries.

What are the benefits of using MassPay?

  1. Faster Payments: Thanks to MassPay, CrakRevenue Affiliates can receive their earnings more quickly compared to traditional payment methods.
  2. Reduced Payment Processing Time: MassPay streamlines the payment process by enabling businesses to send payments to multiple affiliates in a single transaction. Less management for timely payments!
  3. Improved Cash Flow Management: With faster and more predictable payments through MassPay, CrakRevenue Affiliates can better manage their finances and plan their expenditures. This stability can help them invest in growing their business or cover expenses more effectively.
  4. Lower Transaction Costs: MassPay may offer lower transaction fees (1 USD) than alternative payment methods, allowing CrakRevenue Affiliates to retain a higher percentage of their earnings.
  5. Enhanced Convenience: MassPay provides a convenient way for CrakRevenue Affiliates to receive payments, often offering various payment options such as bank transfers, prepaid cards, or digital wallets. This flexibility allows affiliates to choose the payment modality that best suits their preferences and needs.
  6. Reliability and Security: MassPay services prioritize security and reliability, ensuring CrakRevenue Affiliates’ payments are processed risk-free and accurately. 

These advantages contribute to a more efficient and rewarding experience for CrakRevenue Affiliates.

How can I make the switch to MassPay?

For your next payment, simply log into your CrakRevenue affiliate dashboard. Then, select MassPay.* Your MassPay account will automatically be created with your email address. To manage your MassPay account, you’ll have to log in and determine which way you want to withdraw your funds and when. 

*Remember, the change must be made at least five business days prior to your next payment.

A 1.00 USD fee applies for each transaction.

How long will MassPay payments take?

On the payment day, MassPay will issue your payment instantly*. It can take you up to 48 hours to be able to withdraw the funds, depending on your country and financial institution.  If there’s any delay on our part, we will let you know!

*Note that choosing MassPay as your payment method does not change your payment date according to CrakRevenue’s payment terms.

MassPay isn’t the best option for you?

We may have something for you! Check out your alternatives, as well as their restrictions, to see if it fits your situation!

Any questions?  Get in touch via the live chat on the CrakRevenue portal!

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Payment not received yet; what are the delays per payment methods?

The actual payment may, or may not, occur on the scheduled payment date, depending on the method.

Here is an approximation, for each of our payment methods:

MassPay: Instantly
Bitcoin: Usually same day
Paxum: Usually same day, up to 48h (2 business days)
PayPal: Usually same day
Wire: 1 – 10 business days,

You can always check out this article for more information on payments.

Just remember these do not reflect additional delays that may be caused due to unforeseen circumstances otherwise out of our control, as a result of, but not limited to, local laws, bank processing standards, additional verification, shipping times, local holidays, server status, and check shipping times.

Weekend payments: Since payments are done manually, we will try to get payments done on the day listed on your dashboard! If the 15th/last day of the month falls on a weekend, it is important, however, to keep in mind that even though we will try to pay on the Friday before a weekend payment date, payments may only be done as per the regular schedule, on the following Monday

*Any transfer to accounts ultimately linked to Payoneer accounts will be returnedAdditional delays may apply. To avoid these delays, we suggest using a new payment method.

Is your e-wallet, banking information, or address, listed under someone else’s name? Your best bet would be to check with that individual. They may know more than we do since it’s their account we’re talking about! Remember we cannot be responsible for the funds following the completion of a payment, especially if the account is for someone else.

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