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Whatever the promotion method you’re using, there are tips that any affiliate or professional web marketer can follow.
In this section, you’ll find our best advice for any adult web marketer eager to make money online with adult traffic.

What are some ways to manage one’s online reputation?

As we all know, the key to every successful business hinges on how well the reputation of any given brand is upheld.

How are people perceiving your site or brand? What are people saying? Believe it or not, everything that is said online about your brand DOES matter. You need to know what people are saying, and where they are saying it.

Free notification services like Google Alerts and TalkWalker Alerts make managing one’s brand possible.

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Manage Your e-Reputation Like a Boss

How should my trackers look?

Trackers can contain any alphanumeric characters.

You can separate different elements inside a tracker with an underscore or dash.

Here is an example of what a default CrakRevenue link using trackers might look like:


In the example above, TRACKER1 is the Sub_ID 1 tracker.

(We encourage you to change the TRACKER1 tracker to something unique for every new campaign — otherwise it gets confusing!)

For instance, an example of a custom tracker might look like this:


In the example above, JUNE_2015_topright is the chosen tracker to indicate the month of promotion, the year, and in this case, the positioning of the link or banner (this is handy to reference later on).

Remember, if you don’t change or create new trackers, there’s no way for you to differentiate your traffic sources.

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Why should I geo-target?

In an era where ads are everywhere, visitors are 30 to 300% more likely to click on an ad relevant to them and their location.

Geo-targeting, of course, goes hand in hand with a pretty sizeable increase in revenue.

Long gone are the days where  Indian, Brazilian and Mexican traffic get the short end of the stick; thanks to the rising power of geo-targeting, visitors from these countries are highly convertible.

Just take a look at the various Alexa Stats out there if you don’t believe us. You’ll note that some of the biggest websites in the industry are working with some pretty diverse geographics.

A skilled marketer knows not to focus on just one, but many countries at once.


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What are some ways to define my traffic and overall users?

One of the best ways to define your typical visitor is to create personas.

Personas are representations of your visitors based on the data you have on your traffic.

They help you understand the goals of your user and adapt your interface accordingly.

Here are the main questions you can ask in order to create a targeted persona:

Who is your visitor?

  • Where are they from?
  • What is their annual income?
  • What is their level of education?
  • Are they the type to use the Internet to access sites such as yours every day?
  • Do they purchase things on the web?

Why are they on your website?

  • What are the most visited pages?
  • What are the most commonly searched keywords?
  • What are the most clicked spots/elements?

How is he on your website?

  • What type of device are they using?
  • What’s their OS?
  • What’s the size of their screen?
  • What’s their connection speed?

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What are heatmaps and why are they useful?

Heatmaps are visual representations. They’re visual cues you can refer to to see the most clicked or frequented areas of a website. In other words, they give you a visual breakdown of visitor behavior.

Heatmaps are one of the most efficient ways to assess the design of your landing pages.

By being able to visualize the behavior of your traffic, this allows you to analyze the overall behavior of your audience as a whole. In many ways, heatmaps allow you to spot the attractive (and most popular) areas of your site, and the sections that nobody cares about.

In practical terms, you can decipher or confirm what behavior was expected, and also learn a thing or two about unexpected user-behavior.

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What makes a good web marketer?

In marketing, patience and perseverance wins out over everything else. These 2 qualities alone make a marketer. However, with every marketer, comes faux pas.

Good marketers should avoid these common mistakes…

  • Thinking one’s too good for social media.
  • Not bridging the gap.
  • Not knowing how to network.
  • Thinking that making big money is easy and quick.
  • Not recognizing one’s own strengths…

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Why should I “A/B test”?

We A/B test to see which banner or campaign performs better. Marketing is data driven, and trying different variations and approaches has always been good practice;

Think of it as “Test A” and “Test B.”

A/B testing your ads is a way to optimize an ad’s performance and ensure that the campaigns you’re running are not only effective, but generating the most conversions.

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Between PPL, PPS, and Revshare, is there a “best” payout type?

If there was one clear winning payout type or formula, there’s a good chance we’d only be offering this one specific type ourselves.

So, no, there’s really no universal answer to the question of which payout type is THE best.

Each and every single one of us needs to figure out for ourselves what type of payout fits his or her own needs—and the spending habits of their visitors.

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What does Visa’s new Chargeback policies mean for the affiliate industry?

As of July 1, 2016, Visa’s new Chargeback Monitoring Program’s regulations have been a cause for concern for both merchants and affiliate marketers alike.

In a nutshell, Visa is cracking down on chargeback ratios … and there’s a high probability adult marketers will not escape unscathed. This may change the way you promote adult products to the European market on some verticals.

Introducing Visa’s Chargeback Monitoring Program

  • What does Visa’s new Monitoring Program mean for merchants?

The previously authorized chargeback rate of 2% of sales (or 200 chargebacks per month) has been cut in half.

Since July 1, 2016, the new chargeback rate has been set to 1% of sales (or 100 chargebacks per month).

The new policies and stricter regulations imposed by Visa will have a ripple-like effect on marketing campaigns and affiliates all around in ways many might not initially realize

Here’s how…

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What are some tips for building a sustainable business with CrakRevenue?

Making money is the core of any affiliate business—and any business that hopes to avoid bankruptcy.

But, making money at any cost may actually have more detrimental effects and pitfalls that can just as easily end your business faster than – say – bankruptcy.

There are some basic rules that need to be respected if you really wish to build those strong, long-lasting partnerships that are the cornerstone to sustainable growth.

Here are the 7 things you should have ingrained in your memory by now…

1- Respect our TOS, especially Section 5

2- Know your traffic won’t convert? Then don’t send it to a PPL offer.

3- Don’t act like a FISH … IF you’re a WHALE

4- Use only authorized or licensed content to promote

5- Leave all communication channels open

…Read the entire list HERE — we’re not done yet!

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Does CrakRevenue offer tutorials?

You want to know and understand how to use our platform efficiently? Check out our webinars and tutorials! Short and easy to understand, you’ll become a CrakRevenue master in no time after watching these!

Knowing your way around the platform

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Crak’s Tools:

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Hey! Got suggestions for our next tutorials? GREAT! Let us know your idea(s) at support@crakrevenue.com !