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What are some good Ergonomic rules & guidelines for my website to follow?

There are a lot of guidelines you can follow to make your website more ergonomic:

  • The Law of Good Gestalt: Is my logo simple and easily recognizable?
  • The Law of Proximity: Are my contents/clicking areas of the same type physically close?
  • The Law of Similarity: Do my buttons / clickable areas look alike (Size, Shape, Color, Content, Behavior)?
  • Fitts Law: Are my profitable areas big and close enough?
  • Miller’s Magic Number: Do my menus and pick-lists contain between 5 and 9 items?
  • Hick’s Law: Are my offers simple and in appropriate number?
  • Readability of the visual language: Does my content and clickable elements stand out from the background?
  • Readability of the text: Do I use a language that my users are familiar with? Do I use a readable font? Is there an interline spacing between my paragraphs? Is my text aligned left?
  • Web conventions: Does my website respect the most common web conventions?

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Where and how can I register my own domain name?

The first step is to see if the domain name of your choice is available.  You can check a domain registrar like this one to see if anyone has registered the domain you had in mind.

If the one you had in mind is available in the TLD extension of your choosing  (.com, .net, .org, etc.), congrats!  You’re off to a good start.  You can then proceed to register & pay the yearly registration fees associated with this domain so that it becomes yours.

However, if the domain you wanted to register is taken, you have 3 options:

  • Look to see if the domain you want is available in a different TLD extension (.com, .net, .org, etc.)
  • Look for a different domain name entirely
  • Or contact the owner of the domain name using the publicly listed WHOIS information to see if they’d be interested in selling.

This domain registrar is great for beginners as well as pros, because with every domain registration, comes free hosting.

The free hosting option is fantastic for those who want to get started right away and don’t wish to seek out a web-host separately. Something to keep in mind.

However, if you have money to spend, and you want a domain that’s sure to be already registered, you can always explore a site like Sedo or Flippa — 2 excellent marketplaces to purchase existing domain names / existing websites.

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How do I get started creating my own website?

It helps to have a gameplan. Make sure you have a little bit of an idea on what your website will be about so you can structure your website accordingly.

With that said, our 3-part series on developing your website is a great starting point:

This post covers content, Domains & Hosting

This post covers WordPress & Frameworks

This post covers Monitoring & Security

What are some good WordPress plugins for affiliates?

WordPress is the driving force in the blogosphere world.  It allows anyone and everyone to start their own blog (adult or otherwise), thus eliminating the requirement that one must be “well versed” with code.

However, a good WordPress Theme is nothing without a few great plugins.

Here are the main plugins we recommend:

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I’m thinking about selling my website, how do I go about doing that?

First things first, there’s a few steps one should follow before determining whether to sell their website:

  • Evaluate its worth.
  • Check if it’s more profitable to sell it or to keep it a little longer.
  • Find a buyer at an established marketplace (like Sedo)
  • Agree on a price.
  • Use an Escrow service to complete the deal.

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When choosing a domain name, what should I look for?

Just as keywords matter to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) — keywords matter to domain names, too.

A truly great domain can be many things. They are often pronounceable or short, memorable, and of course, descriptive

When deciding on that potential new domain, look for domain names that are keyword rich. Nothing beats having one of the main keywords you’re targeting in your domain name.


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What makes a website Responsive?

There are a lot of things to take into account when you’re thinking about making a responsive website:

The habits of the users

When you think responsive, you have to take into account the habits of the users on mobile devices, such as:

  • are your navigation tools clear, within a finger’s reach?
  • does your page have an acceptable loading time of 3 seconds or less?
  • are you geo-targeting?

The layout

We recommend responsive designs rather than adaptive with the following elements:

  • Max width & breakpoints, with a Mobile First mentality.

The media

You also need to be careful when it comes to media. For instance, avoid using flash whenever possible since it’s not supported by enough mobile devices. You’ll also want to keep all your media at a fair size for the fastest possible loading times..

Finally, here are the media formats we recommend most for Responsive sites:

Media Format(s) Image JPEG, GIF, PNG Sound MP3MP4, M4A, AAC Video H.264

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What are some common Ad Placement possibilities on a website?

Here are the most common spots within a website to place your Advertisement:

Spot Usual Location Header Above the fold Top right square or front Above the fold Pop Up Above the fold IMads Above the fold Hardlink (text or menu) Anywhere Skyscraper (left and/or right side) Anywhere   Plug: thumb or images Anywhere   Leaderboard Anywhere Footer (Full footer or footer square) Below the fold   Next to video Video page Underplayer Video page Inplayer ad (pre-roll or post-roll) Video page

Here are the mistakes you should avoid while placing ads on a website – regardless of placement:

  • Ad excess / Multiple Ads of the same
  • Subject and/or product excess
  • Missing the target
  • Not respecting a TOS

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Can you recommend any good WordPress Themes for my adult site or blog?

WordPress themes are a dime a dozen.

A truly great WordPress theme, however, is one that works for you.

Maybe that’s a theme that’s Responsive?

Maybe that’s a theme that’s Free?

Or maybe that’s a theme that just has to host videos really well?

Therefore, feel free to explore any number of our WordPress-related posts spotlighting the many features of each one:

What factors should I consider when choosing a WordPress theme?

WordPress — it’s the leading free content management system beloved by so many.

But when it comes to theme selection… there’s just so many choices!

Your theme sets the tone (and overall look and feel) of your site within seconds of that first user impression. That’s why it’s essential to pick a theme that’s right for you, your site, and one that delivers.

Here are some things to consider to help you pick that perfect WordPress theme!

1. Is the theme regularly updated?

2. Do you go with a FREE theme or PREMIUM one?

3. What’s its rating?

4. Does the theme provide support?


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What are some ways to drive traffic to my website?

Getting traffic to your website is sometimes the tricky part for many people. There are countless ways to obtain traffic, though.

Some common methods involve:

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How to Add CrakRevenue’s Website to an Android or iPhone Home Screen

CrakRevenue is not yet available on app stores. But if you want to access your favorite website in a flash, there’s a way! You can have a direct link on your smartphone screen. Looking exactly like an app, you will be directly redirected to CrakRevenue’s website when you tap the icon. Here’s how to do it: 

If you’re using an Android:

  1. Open Chrome and go to affiliates.crakrevenue.com/login
  2. Click on the three-dot menu at the top and select Add to Home screen
  3. Edit the title of the icon. Once the title looks fine (whether it’s “CrakRevenue” or “CR” or “🤑”), tap Add to transfer it to the home screen.
  4. Go to your screen, and you’ll see the icon and the Chrome logo, meaning you can’t change the icon to another browser.
  5. Enjoy your home screen’s shortcut to your favorite website.

If you’re using an iPhone:

  1. Open Safari and go to the website. Then, 
  2. Tap the share menu and select Add to Home Screen. 
  3. Edit the icon’s title as it will appear on your screen. When everything is good for you, tap Add.
  4. Confirm, and here you go! CrakRevenue will appear on your home screen for easy access. Note that for iPhone users, the link will only work with Safari.

Good to know

  • We highly recommend saving your favorite reports in the Statistics section of the desktop version. This will make it easier for you to access them on the mobile version.
  • When you use the mobile version, it helps us determine where we need to improve and make your experience even better.
  • If you encounter any issues with the mobile version or notice a missing feature, feel free to contact us directly through our Live Chat or by email at support@crakrevenue.com. We will assist you as quickly as possible.