What are some good Ergonomic rules & guidelines for my website to follow?

There are a lot of guidelines you can follow to make your website more ergonomic:

  • The Law of Good Gestalt: Is my logo simple and easily recognizable?
  • The Law of Proximity: Are my contents/clicking areas of the same type physically close?
  • The Law of Similarity: Do my buttons / clickable areas look alike (Size, Shape, Color, Content, Behavior)?
  • Fitts Law: Are my profitable areas big and close enough?
  • Miller’s Magic Number: Do my menus and pick-lists contain between 5 and 9 items?
  • Hick’s Law: Are my offers simple and in appropriate number?
  • Readability of the visual language: Does my content and clickable elements stand out from the background?
  • Readability of the text: Do I use a language that my users are familiar with? Do I use a readable font? Is there an interline spacing between my paragraphs? Is my text aligned left?
  • Web conventions: Does my website respect the most common web conventions?

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