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How can I get the most out of Popunders and use them to my advantage?

More than 90% of people find Popunders annoying or objectionable. And we can certainly relate & understand where these people are coming from.

However, much of the Popunder-hate stems from the highly questionable early practices of Popunder promotion in what can only be described as Pop hell.  This was quite common in the late 90s and early 2000s.

However, Popunders & Popups simply don’t have to have the bad connotations they once had.

Popunders remain an excellent way to maximize revenue.

Here’s a modern day winning formula to getting the most out of your Pops:

  • Make them smart
  • Make them legit
  • Make them fun & interactive
  • Make them look like part of your website


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Can I turn a Flash advertisement into a GIF?

You absolutely can, and it’s extremely simple to do.

Here’s a summary:

  1. Find an existing flash creative that you really like.
  2. Download and use GIFcam (free software) to record the creative as it appears on your screen.
  3. Upload the .GIF to GFYCAT.
  4. Use your link code to link to the .GIF.

Full step-by-step instructions here:


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How can I ensure that my banners reach their full potential?

There are three things you should take into account:

  • The placement of the Banner.
  • The phenomenon known as “Banner Blindness”.
  • Not misleading the user.


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What are some tips for designing an effective Landing Page?

First and foremost, the landing page — aka the sales page — is an extension of the ad tool.

And if it’s not, it should be.

When visitors click on a banner or any other ad tool, they do so because what they saw has attracted them in some capacity.

When you’re designing a landing page, you should pay particular attention to the following elements:

  • Header
  • Body
    • Call-to-action,
    • Above-the-fold positioning
  • Responsiveness


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What are some ways to create a promotional video?

First, establish your goal (i.e., “WHY do I need to create a video?”).

Most marketers will find the answer to this question to be:

  • To inform.
  • To explain.
  • To sell.

Then, there are a few guidelines you need to follow if you want to master the art of video marketing….

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We’ve also recently added Pre-roll adds to our offers!

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Why use a Landing Page?

The landing page is an extension of the ad tool. For example, on a banner ad, you have a short message (text, image or both) that incites the visitor to click on it. The landing page is there to reinforce that message, to further inform and convince your visitor to ultimately complete an action.

With a well-built landing page, you get to show your visitor what’s great about the product you’re promoting, and why he should sign up.


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How can I ensure that my Ads don’t get filtered by AdBlock?

Tips to get around AdBlock:

  1. Host your own banner ads and name the file names something unique.
  2. Change file names routinely.
  3. Avoid using highly filtered AdBlock trigger words (such as: “banners”,  “ads”, “advertisements” “static”, and “sponsors” in filenames and directories).

In some cases, an entire URL will be filtered and AdBlock won’t allow you to click it.

There’s a 2 Step strategy to get around this.

  1. Create a New File.
  2. Redirect to this New File.

Full instructions HERE


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What’s a good pop script for Split Testing / Offer Rotation?

One thing we’ve talked a lot about at CrakRevenue has been the importance of split testing.

Split testing (also known as A/B testing) has been defined as a method of conducting “controlled, randomized experiments” with the ultimate goal of seeing what converts the best.

A great automated way of doing this is through javascript.

One of our affiliates who also happens to be a programmer was kind enough to share his custom/modified popunder script with us which makes Split Testing different offers easier than ever if you have your own website.

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What is CrakRevenue’s Native Ad Tool?

CrakRevenue’s Native Ad Generator is an exclusive tool that allows you to create natural and relevant ads that will conform to the look and feel of a site, blog or tube.

Native Ads are key to higher engagement and ultimately, more conversions. They allow for a better and more natural sales flow.

  1. The user clicks on an ad that appears on a site; you can adapt the design of your ads to fit with the site.
  2. By clicking on the link, the user will access content and other relevant links.
  3. Ultimately, the user will click on an ad that will open a landing page. At this point, the user is already interested in your product and the conversion rate tends to be much higher.

Our Native Ad Generator allows you to choose various categories of advertisements that will best suit your traffic.

Over the course of the next few steps, you will have options that will enable your ad to match the overall look and feel of your site, so they won’t disrupt the user’s experience.

  1. First, name your campaign in the top left corner of the page.
  2. Choose your Template. As soon as you’ve selected one, you will be able to see a preview of your Native Ads at the bottom of the screen.
  3. In the “Niche Settings” tab, you’ll have a few basic options for the content of your ads, such as:

    a. Sexual Orientation
    b. Nudity
    c. Categories

  4. In the “Native Ads Settings” tab, you’ll be able to modify the shape of your template.
  5. The “Image Settings” tab lets you customize the way your Native Ad thumbnails will appear and display. You can choose:

    a. To display or not display the image
    b. Your desired image type: square, portrait, landscape or widescreen
    c. The padding between each Native Ad
    d. The size and color of the optional border

  6. The “Text Settings” tab lets you customize dozens of various text options regarding your Native Ad.  For instance, choose:

    a. To display or not display any text
    b. The text position, alignment, lines, and size
    c. The font family / style
    d. The color and the behavior when a user hovers

  7. Finally, for the more advanced users out there, there is the “Custom CSS” tab. In this tab, you can simply copy / paste CSS code that will make the widget look the way you want.

After completing these steps, you’ll now have Native Ads on your site!

We’ve made a short video to guide you. 

CrakRevenue’s Native Ads Generator from CrakRevenue on Vimeo.

Widgets in the Native Ads

After using the Native Ads Generator, a widget will be generated.
It’s important to know that once you close the Native Ads Generator page, the widget that you created can not be modified anymore. 

However you can retrieve the code later on by following those steps:

  • Go on the Native Ads page (the offer’s page, not the generator). Either by searching for it or using the following link: https://affiliates.crakrevenue.com/offers/3846
  • At the bottom of the page, where you normally see the banners, select “HTML Ads”.
  • The widgets that you generated will be available under the size that is there by default.
  • When you select one of those in the list, at the bottom in the “Creatives” section, you will see that your widgets have the name you gave them when you generated those.
  • You can then click on “COPY CODE” to retrieve it.

Does CrakRevenue offer tutorials?

You want to know and understand how to use our platform efficiently? Check out our webinars and tutorials! Short and easy to understand, you’ll become a CrakRevenue master in no time after watching these!

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Hey! Got suggestions for our next tutorials? GREAT! Let us know your idea(s) at support@crakrevenue.com !