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Why should I geo-target?

In an era where ads are everywhere, visitors are 30 to 300% more likely to click on an ad relevant to them and their location.

Geo-targeting, of course, goes hand in hand with a pretty sizeable increase in revenue.

Long gone are the days where  Indian, Brazilian and Mexican traffic get the short end of the stick; thanks to the rising power of geo-targeting, visitors from these countries are highly convertible.

Just take a look at the various Alexa Stats out there if you don’t believe us. You’ll note that some of the biggest websites in the industry are working with some pretty diverse geographics.

A skilled marketer knows not to focus on just one, but many countries at once.


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Targeted Marketing

Targeted Marketing aims to identify the best audience for a specific product or service. The goal is to show advertisements tailored to the needs and interest of people who are already interested by what you’ll be offering them.

Using targeted marketing has many advantages, especially for businesses with specialized products or services. Since you you will be advertising products or services that matter a lot to users, they will be more likely to spend money.

Here are some key elements that distinguish targeted marketing from other strategies:

  • It’s much more focused and segmented
  • The ability to pinpoint a very specific group by geo/age/salary/etc. is great
  • It’s more productive than broader marketing strategies

There’s a downside though: targeted marketing is limited in scope since you’re not really interested by the larger picture: you already have your ideal customer in mind.

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What’s a targeted way of reaching people on Social Media?

By way of Social Shoutouts!

What exactly is a “Social Shoutout”?

A Shoutout — aka “S/O” — is a mention of your website or brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or really any other relevant Social networking platform (even if the term is most commonly associated with Instagram).

The goal of a “Shoutout” is to increase visibility to one’s site or brand using established social accounts that already have an important following and fanbase.

In a nutshell, you pay the owner of a popular social account to get your brand mentioned on his or her page during an agreed upon timeframe that can range anywhere from a few hours — to a few weeks.



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Do you geo-target your offers?

We are highly experienced in the art of geo-targeting.

Your users & visitors will always see the best available offer based on their geographic location, so you always stand to make the most money possible.


If one of your visitors from an unaccepted country visits a specific offer, this visitor will be redirected to the appropriate offer that does accept this visitor’s location.

The good news: traffic from unaccepted GEOs is never lost!

Talking about geo-targeted offers; have you heard of our Smartlinks? Find out everything you need to know HERE and optimise your traffic without lifting a finger!