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Serious promotion requires serious tools. We got ‘em all.
Whether you’re seeing the perfect Banner, IM ad, Popunder or geo-targeted offer, we got you covered. Find everything you need to promote those winning campaigns right there!

How can I get the most out of Popunders and use them to my advantage?

More than 90% of people find Popunders annoying or objectionable. And we can certainly relate & understand where these people are coming from.

However, much of the Popunder-hate stems from the highly questionable early practices of Popunder promotion in what can only be described as Pop hell.  This was quite common in the late 90s and early 2000s.

However, Popunders & Popups simply don’t have to have the bad connotations they once had.

Popunders remain an excellent way to maximize revenue.

Here’s a modern day winning formula to getting the most out of your Pops:

  • Make them smart
  • Make them legit
  • Make them fun & interactive
  • Make them look like part of your website


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Can I turn a Flash advertisement into a GIF?

You absolutely can, and it’s extremely simple to do.

Here’s a summary:

  1. Find an existing flash creative that you really like.
  2. Download and use GIFcam (free software) to record the creative as it appears on your screen.
  3. Upload the .GIF to GFYCAT.
  4. Use your link code to link to the .GIF.

Full step-by-step instructions here:


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How can I ensure that my banners reach their full potential?

There are three things you should take into account:

  • The placement of the Banner.
  • The phenomenon known as “Banner Blindness”.
  • Not misleading the user.


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What are some tips for designing an effective Landing Page?

First and foremost, the landing page — aka the sales page — is an extension of the ad tool.

And if it’s not, it should be.

When visitors click on a banner or any other ad tool, they do so because what they saw has attracted them in some capacity.

When you’re designing a landing page, you should pay particular attention to the following elements:

  • Header
  • Body
    • Call-to-action,
    • Above-the-fold positioning
  • Responsiveness


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What are some ways to create a promotional video?

First, establish your goal (i.e., “WHY do I need to create a video?”).

Most marketers will find the answer to this question to be:

  • To inform.
  • To explain.
  • To sell.

Then, there are a few guidelines you need to follow if you want to master the art of video marketing….

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We’ve also recently added Pre-roll adds to our offers!

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Why use a Landing Page?

The landing page is an extension of the ad tool. For example, on a banner ad, you have a short message (text, image or both) that incites the visitor to click on it. The landing page is there to reinforce that message, to further inform and convince your visitor to ultimately complete an action.

With a well-built landing page, you get to show your visitor what’s great about the product you’re promoting, and why he should sign up.


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How to Make a Dedicated Landing Page

Just like an aircraft needs a suitable landing strip to land, a successful web marketing campaign isn’t complete without a landing page of its own.

You want your visitor to land carefully, naturally, and methodically on a landing page that exemplifies your sales funnel.

Remember, your landing is there to serve as the entry point into that funnel.

Let’s take a deeper look at the main components of a successful landing page in the adult industry.

Identify the type of landing page you need

In other words, what’s the goal of your campaign?

Whatever this goal, it usually falls into one of these two main types of landing pages:

1. The Lead Generation Landing Page

This is typically the kind of landing page you’d want for establishing and building an adult audience.

2. The Click-Through Landing Page

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How can I ensure that my Ads don’t get filtered by AdBlock?

Tips to get around AdBlock:

  1. Host your own banner ads and name the file names something unique.
  2. Change file names routinely.
  3. Avoid using highly filtered AdBlock trigger words (such as: “banners”,  “ads”, “advertisements” “static”, and “sponsors” in filenames and directories).

In some cases, an entire URL will be filtered and AdBlock won’t allow you to click it.

There’s a 2 Step strategy to get around this.

  1. Create a New File.
  2. Redirect to this New File.

Full instructions HERE


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Can I use my own domain to redirect to CrakRevenue offers?

Yes, absolutely! Domain redirection is completely acceptable.

In fact, using your own domain name and redirecting to your CrakRevenue affiliate link(s) just got easier…

Because we feature a multiple URL redirection script that you can use here — similar to an HTML meta refresh but done in JavaScript so you can redirect / A/B test multiple offers, tours, or campaigns.

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What’s a good pop script for Split Testing / Offer Rotation?

One thing we’ve talked a lot about at CrakRevenue has been the importance of split testing.

Split testing (also known as A/B testing) has been defined as a method of conducting “controlled, randomized experiments” with the ultimate goal of seeing what converts the best.

A great automated way of doing this is through javascript.

One of our affiliates who also happens to be a programmer was kind enough to share his custom/modified popunder script with us which makes Split Testing different offers easier than ever if you have your own website.

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A Custom, Easy-to-Use Popunder Script Perfect for Split Testing

Do you have an API key?

We do provide an API key for affiliates upon request. You can do so by contacting us at support and we will give you your own API key and the documentation necessary.

This API will be able to provide you with your CrakRevenue 2.0 statistics as well as the list of offers you have access to as an affiliate.

What is CrakRevenue’s Live Cam Widget?

CrakRevenue’s Live Cam Widget is the perfect way to generate additional revenue streams for your adult websites!

Our exclusive algorithm continuously updates the live performers generating the most conversions, whichever cam site they’re featured on.

Promote only the top-earning cam models to achieve greater conversion rates and deliver a fresh experience for your traffic!


Log into your CrakRevenue dashboard and click on the Live Cam Widget tab to give it a try and get started!

The following steps will help you set up the perfect widget and convert your traffic like never before.

1- Select your preferred widget type

Select the offer(s) you want to promote under OFFERS AND PAYOUT TYPES (some require approval), then narrow the widget’s content to your niche.

You’ll be able to choose one or multiple performer genders (female, male, couples, and trans), but also various categories (Asian, Ebony, MILF, etc.).

You can also let our widget find the best content to promote with its auto-detect feature!

Widget types

There are 3 widget types you can use on your website:

Display: Shows top-converting live cam models directly on-screen, based on your chosen niche and categories.

IM Ads: When a user opens your page, a discreet preview of a top-converting room appears as an instant message (IM). Users can click to enter the room or close the widget quickly.

Chat Head: A chat bubble appears, showing a live preview of a top-converting cam performer. Users can click the bubble to open the notification and join the chat room.

Note: Chat Head is available for Jerkmate and MyFreeCams offers only.

2- Select a template (Display and IM Ads)

If you’ve selected the Chat Head widget type, you can jump directly to step 6 to generate your widget.

Choose 1 of the 4 predefined templates before going further in your layout settings.
You can scroll down to preview your widget’s appearance to help you decide.

3- Set your optimal layout

Here you can decide how you’ll display your widget on your website.

You can test different configurations, toying with widget size and the number of columns/rows to display more or fewer cam performers.

You can set a custom background color or leave it transparent by default as well.

4- Craft the perfect thumbnails

Do you want to stream your performers live or display them as static profile pictures?

Set your thumbnail preferences (display ratio, spacing, filter, border, and corners) for an optimal user experience.

Again, have fun trying different configurations using our preview tool!
Here’s an example of how cool your thumbnail will look like in a few clicks:

5- CSS Customization

If you have coding skills and want even more control over your Live Cam Widget, you can head over to the Custom CSS tab to directly edit your widget’s style.

It’s the ultimate customization tool with which you can unleash your creativity:

  • Extend the info bar
  • Enlarge text
  • Add blur filters
  • Add gradient backgrounds
  • And much more!

Sky’s the limit!

6- Convert like crazy

Once you’ve customized your widget, click on the GENERATE WIDGET CODE button in the top-right corner.

A new window will appear with tracking options for your campaign and a script you’ll need to put on your website. Click on COPY and place your Live Cam Widget where you want it displayed on your website.

Extra tip: We recommend testing your Live Cam Widget link on this site to have a clear view of the final result. Be sure to deactivate your ad blocker before testing!

Here’s an example of a Chat Head widget:

And voila!

With your newly created widget, you’ll soon start to see more conversions rolling your way!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to chat with our Customer Experience Team.

Generate your Live Cam Widget today!