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Why can’t I see conversions on lead-based CPA offers?

If you’re promoting a Pay-Per-Lead offer (SOI, DOI), you are paid for the leads that you generate only. We are unable to disclose any other information pertaining to the lead that we paid you for. We monitor conversions on our side for traffic quality / CPA purposes only.

If you want to know if your free-to-paid lead ratio is OK for continued eligibility into any SOI or DOI offer, you are welcome to reach out to your Affiliate Manager or our support team (if you don’t have one) and express your concerns.

However, if you’re seeking detailed information on the number of free-to-paid users you have referred, we are unable to disclose this, as it goes against our Provider’s agreements.  For those whom this is important to, we recommend promoting a RevShare model instead, as a RevShare model would provide the detailed information you’re seeking.

In short, if there’s a problem with your free-to-paid ratio or PPL offer eligibility, we’ll contact you.