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The ‘Search Offers’ field allows you to easily search and find that perfect offer for all your needs. Already know the best keyword to use in the hunt for that perfect offer?  Even better!  Because this search function is the fastest way to find and navigate to an offer.

You can use the advanced search filters for a more personalized search.

In the left-hand menu, click Offers. You will then see the Offer List.

    • Available filters:
      • DOI : double opt-in
      • PPI : pay per install
      • PPS: pay per sale
      • Revshare : revenue sharing
      • SOI: single opt-in
      • Vertical : the main offer category
      • Payout type : The way you will be paid per type of conversion
      • Targeting: offers accepting a specific device
      • Country: offers accepting a specific country
      • Niche: a more specific category that specifies what type of niched content is offered
      • Status: to see on which offers you have been approved, for example
      • 18+ offers: adult offers
      • G offers: non-adult offers

Featured only” check box: Checking this box will filter the offers by showing only the top converting ones.

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