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Day 2 – The Affiliate Marketing basics (How to Start Affiliate Marketing)

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Welcome to the second day of our Masterclass: How to Start Affiliate Marketing?

Here are some really important things to keep in mind during your Affiliate Marketing journey

1. Educate yourself

By reading this, you’ve already proven a willingness to learn about affiliate marketing and how to make money online, so that’s something to be proud of. Unfortunately, we still see too many people asking questions that could easily be answered with a 10-second Google search.

Start to follow influencers in your chosen niche. Join communities (forums, social media, etc.) of like-minded affiliates who are willing to share their valuable experience. Read answers that have already been given.

The Internet is a gigantic pool of knowledge… so never hesitate to take a dip!

But before you get your feet wet, be sure to make yourself home in our Reddit Community!

r/CrakRevenue is the perfect place for rookies and experts to connect, share ideas and succeed with helpful answers and insights.

Here are 5 good reasons to join us on Reddit:

1- Connect with fellow web marketers
2- Share your ideas, opinions, suggestions and report bugs
3- Uncover pro tips, tricks and exclusive opportunities
4- Learn more about our verticals and top offers
5- Find answers to all your questions

Doing so will ensure you get the most out of your affiliate marketing journey.

2. Let’s have some F.U.U.n!

Humor is your Ally. There are no secrets here either, and that’s the key to success. What you’ve got to remember is that FunnyUnusual and Unique content will always win out at the end of the day. Just think about our Triviass Survey. Think fun concepts and people will be inclined to share them.

3. Get inspired

If you don’t know how to find the right offers for your traffic, start off by scouring the web in search of the latest trends. Try spotting what lander concept is hot right now, figure out why it’s hot, and figure out the product behind it. You need to find opportunities.

4. Find and define your niche.

Think about who you’re looking to reach. Put yourself in that person’s head, and think about what they would be looking for. Now figure out how you are going to bring it up. Be original, we can’t say it enough. There are a lot of competitors out there that want to get a piece of the pie too. When you browse the net, play the ‘’I SPY’’ game and observe how many offers and affiliate links you can find in the pages you stumble upon. Know your audience.

Know what they like and how they want it. If you open a store and your shelves are full of products that don’t move, you need to change your inventory. It’s not about following your passion—it’s about delivering what your customers want.

5. Work hard, plan even harder (and play later if you’re not too tired!)

Affiliate marketing can be a grueling undertaking. That’s why you can’t simply jump on the bandwagon—you need to be prepared. That’s the secret: hard work and planning. Knowing yourself and building your skills set will be of great help. If you’re to make money online, treat it like a marathon; it’s an endurance test and you need to train a lot to stay competitive. You’re an athlete, nothing less. So start acting like one!

6. Cutting edges and using shortcuts

Have you ever clicked on a link and, appears to your eyes, a white page with banners everywhere? Would YOU click these banners? Most likely not, and neither will your traffic! Don’t be fooled into thinking about taking shortcuts, like setting dozens of soulless automated blogs – this will not get you the results you’re looking for and will surely not stay in time. Be smart. Blend in your links and don’t SPAM your banners all over the place. Landing pages are great at building trust & credibility… and just as great at crashing and burning, if the only thing you care about is making a sale.

7. Have the carpet match the drapes

Once you know more about your traffic (device, GEO, age, etc.), this step becomes easier to achieve. However, finding the perfect offer for your content is always a challenge. Even the most successful businesses keep testing new ideas, new products, new advertising strategies, etc.

Know that these simple changes can make the difference between an affiliate link that people care about and one that gets ignored. On that end, A/B Testing is one of the most powerful techniques you can use! Variables like a Call-to-action, a banner color or size, your writing’s font, etc. are all tests to be made in order to optimize your sales funnel.

A lot of affiliates think they can just pick offers with the highest payouts and call it a day…This is a rookie mistake. You must match your offers to your content. By doing so, you’ll become a trusted source of information, and an expert in your niche, instead of an offer pusher.

8. Hold on if you feel like giving up

Making money online is far from being saturated, but it’s super competitive. Most affiliates give up after less than 6 months. Truth is, it can take up to a year before you see any significant results, depending on your strategy.

If you’re struggling with taking your affiliate marketing business to the next level, don’t forget to ask our super affiliates on our Subreddit!