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How can I choose / target the right keywords?

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Keywords are the foundation of a good on-site SEO strategy.

First, decide on which Keywords you’d like to target.  What will the main keywords be?

Make sure that this keyword or keyword(s) are prominently featured throughout your content. In the adult industry, choosing and betting on the right keywords is the tricky part.

Indeed, you’re unlikely to ever rank first for any of the main adult keywords. There are just too many big players in the game with world-renowned sites that will continue defending their top position on these.

However, there’s still some Keyword strategies you can use:

  • Focus on the The Long Tail – a niche specific phrase that is 4-5 words.
  • Use niche-based sub-category keywords to form various 2-3 word Long Tails.
  • Focus your attention on a strategy that emphasizes geographic markets.

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