My Affiliate Link is BLOCKED when I try to promote on various platforms. What can I do?

When it comes to the actual act of PROMOTING adult offers and RECEIVING traffic to your campaigns — the path isn’t always so easy.

Marketers are faced with obstacles every day… from Web-browser plugins and extensions, to the restrictions of the social media-sphere that dominates our world.

There is one thing you can do: make your adult affiliate link not-so-apparent.

This can be accomplished using URL shorteners and Redirects.

A great preventative approach to avoid getting one’s adult link blocked, is to consider the use of redirections. While it might not be 100% foolproof, it can sure be a very practical solution at times when done right.

Redirecting with .htaccess

Using your own domain name, you can always create redirects the old fashioned way — using your .htaccess file. This kind of redirection allows you to send your visitor to a new website while non-adult friendly platforms & extensions still think that you are on the domain name / website you linked or promoted in the first place.

To do so, just add this code below in the .htaccess file of a mainstream domain name you possess (e.g., the domain name that you plan to point to your affiliate link):

 redirect 301 /TheLinkName

Keep in mind, there are additional redirection types you can create using .htaccess. However, don’t try to be too creative or careless while working in this file because the slightest mistake or extra spacing in this code can result in less-than-pleasant consequences.

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