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How can I advertise adult content using social media?

Think outside the box!

  1. Build your own website or page and host a viral image/video.
  2. Promote your page on Facebook or Reddit by sending your mainstream traffic to your new viral image/video page.
  3. Put ads on the other pages.
  4. Build a buffer between the social media site and the page you’ve created.

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Advertise Anything on Social Media Part 1 – Think Outside The Box


Twitter is one of the most adult-friendly social networking networks out there.

Twitter’s users are especially interested in adult-oriented offers and material because it was revealed that Twitter’s main demographic is mostly young men with a good income.  

Despite this social giant allowing adult links to be tweeted out, it is not allowed in Twitter paid advertising campaigns, however.

Therefore, if you plan to use paid advertising on twitter, here’s what we suggest you do:

  • Create a mainstream landing page
  • Build your audience
  • Target a similar audience

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