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Between PPL, PPS, and Revshare, is there a “best” payout type?

If there was one clear winning payout type or formula, there’s a good chance we’d only be offering this one specific type ourselves.

So, no, there’s really no universal answer to the question of which payout type is THE best.

Each and every single one of us needs to figure out for ourselves what type of payout fits his or her own needs—and the spending habits of their visitors.

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What payout types are available?

We offer more than 400 offers with different payout types.

At CrakRevenue, you will find pay-per-lead (PPL) offers, subdivided into SOI (Single Opt-In) and DOI (Double Opt-In), pay-per-sale (PPS), Click-per-Install (CPI), RevShare, RevShare Lifetime and Cost-Per-Clicks (CPC) programs available to promote.

Because you are joining a group of Webmasters who generate large volumes of leads, you will have access to higher payouts. The more quality traffic you send, the more we will be able to raise your payout.

Payout types are not to be confused with payout tiers. Payout tiers are a categorization of world regions based on their economy and spending habits, as well as other considerations.

What is PPL, DOI and SOI?

A Pay Per Lead offer is an offer where you get paid each time a user performs a defined action.

For example, a PPL payout might mean you get paid anytime a user registers for free, fills out a form, or submits their e-mail.

More specifically:
SOI: single opt-in (the user simply submits his email address without confirming)
DOI : double opt-in (the user submits his email address and confirms within the mail he got)

PPL offers allow you to earn money faster, especially when compared to PPS programs.  However, PPL typically pays less each action. Furthermore, these offers usually have their CPA closely monitored by the provider because they are easy targets for fraudulent signups.

It’s important to remember, PPL is a Calculated Risk Arrangement for a sponsor. We’ll make it short and sweet by telling you that the “free” to “paid” ratio matters.  If the free leads you’re getting paid good money for aren’t converting on the sponsor’s end (to paid members), well, enjoy the PPL opportunity while it lasts…

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