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Global Postbacks

Where single postbacks allow affiliates to track a single offer, Global Postbacks allow affiliates to track all offers with a single URL.

It is considered to be the most accurate and reliable tracking tool. One of its many advantages is how much of a time-saver it can be as it allows the tracking of multiple offers without hassle.

To set your Global Postback, contact our support team through the chat or at support@crakrevenue.com

You can learn more about Global Postbacks on our blog:

What are Global Postbacks?

How to setup your own Postback

Steps to set up an offer-specific postback:

Step 1:  Visit the offer for which you want to create a postback.

Step 2:  Expand the “Postbacks options” section.

Step 3:  Leave “Goal” at the “Default” value.

Step 4:  Click “Add Optional Variables” to insert the conversion data that you want to postback in the postback URL. (* See additional information in regards to the Optional Variables, at the end of this article)

Step 5:  Select whether your postback URL starts with “http” or “https”.

Add the rest of your postback URL in the “Type your postback URL here” field and position the previously added variables in the URL.

Finalize & create it by clicking the “Create Postback” button!

Important! If you have a global postback in place, you don’t need to create individual postbacks, as you will receive duplicated data. Always contact our support team to update your GLOBAL postback.

Learn more about Global Postback HERE

Description of the Optional Variables that can be inserted in your postback:

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A postback is like a trigger set on the offer that sends a message back to the server as soon as an action – usually a conversion – is made. Therefore, you can set postbacks to receive information to your own statistic tool.

If you only wish to check your Stats with us from your CrakRevenue affiliate panel, you do not need a postback.


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How to set your own Postback