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First, you’ll want to set up your Instagram profile:

  • Add a Description / Profile Picture
  • Take advantage of the URL field & add a URL
  • Set your profile as PUBLIC

And here are 8 Instagram Marketing tips you can’t go wrong with:

  • Use your profile link effectively.
  • Use appealing images & videos that you have permission to use.
  • Use #Hashtags wisely.
  • Stay active & engage the audience.
  • Have a strategy.
  • Post frequently.
  • Know how to respond to criticism.
  • Stick to selfies & don’t show nudity!!!

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How can I advertise adult content using social media?

How can I advertise adult content using social media?

Think outside the box!

  1. Build your own website or page and host a viral image/video.
  2. Promote your page on Facebook or Reddit by sending your mainstream traffic to your new viral image/video page.
  3. Put ads on the other pages.
  4. Build a buffer between the social media site and the page you’ve created.

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