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What are “Chargebacks” and what are some ways to prevent them from happening?

What is a Chargeback?

Chargebacks are essentially refunds. It’s the term used to describe the reversal of funds when a consumer complains to their banking establishment over a specific charge / transaction on his or her credit or debit card.

The main idea behind chargebacks is to protect the cardholder at all costs from fraudsters and any other kind of unauthorized payments or theft.

It goes a little like this:
The consumer files a complaint with their bank over a specific charge, the issuing bank then investigates the validity of the claim; if the bank feels the complaint is valid and legit, the financial institution will then take the money directly from the merchant’s account and give it back to the consumer.

So, what’s the main difference between a chargeback and a refund?

The main difference is that the merchant has absolutely no say in the refund process that occurs during a chargeback.

So, how the heck can we prevent Chargebacks from happening?

  • Don’t Mislead
  • Detail the Product Well
  • Go for Quality over Quantity

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The Principles of Chargeback Prevention


Merchant is just another name used for advertiser.

In a business relatiionship, the merchant pays affiliates after the’ve sent traffic towards specific offers or products in order to generate a desired action (lead/sale/etc.).

Why join CrakRevenue instead of going directly with a sponsor?

It’s simple… work smarter, not harder.

Working with a CPA network has many advantages, including support for selecting the best offer for your traffic, coaching for your sales funnel and not having to deal with various customers requests. We take care of tracking your sales so that you get paid for your work, and offer tips, tricks, tutorials and useful reading material to help you succeed.
We develop exclusive tools to send your traffic to the best performing offers that we’ve extensively tested to ensure high-conversion rates.

Unlike specific providers who “sell” only their baby, we advise you on the best offers on the market for you.

Not to forget that you accumulate revenues on promoting many offers instead of having to reach the minimum payout on many different platforms.

Our high sales volume allows us to offer higher payouts that regular affiliates don’t have access to. Therefore, we either match or beat current standard payouts offered by sponsors.
We’ve tested over 1,000 adult sponsors in order to become successful. We know what converts with different types of traffic.

Sign up now and benefit from our knowledge and tools. We guarantee to provide you with only proven converting offers and tours created by our experienced team of lead generators.

Use our custom top-converting and geo-targeting tools, stats tracking software and the opportunity to receive all your sponsor payouts in a single check!

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The choice is easy!

I have an offer/product that I would like to place in CrakRevenue. How do I proceed?

We are always looking for new and interesting partnerships.

Fill out the application to join as a CrakRevenue Advertiser here.

You will find more information about the process in those articles explaining How to join the CrakRevenue Network ?

You can send us an email for assistance about your advertiser account with CrakRevenue, at advertiser@crakrevenue.com or use the platform chat to discuss with us!


An Advertiser, also known as a Merchant, pays affiliates to promote various products or offers.

An Advertiser owns or at least controls the advertised products or offers.