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Can I get paid even though I’ve earned less than $100?

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Unfortunately, you must reach the defined minimum payout to be paid.   

The minimum payout is $100.

If you’re struggling to reach this amount, first we must understand why.

There may be 5 Reasons You’re Not Reaching Your Minimum Payout…

#1 –  You don’t have enough traffic

And as painstakingly obvious as it may be, if you’re not receiving enough traffic to your site or campaign, generating conversions — much less reaching your minimum payout — is going to be a constant battle. Especially generating enough conversions to push you past that payment threshold!

#2 – You don’t have the right traffic

Not every offer you push is going to result in sales with every traffic source. A not-so-right traffic source can cause a domino effect…

#3 – You’re all over the place

Focus on the quality of your campaigns, not quantity.

#4 – You’re jumping the gun

If you’re seeing 23 uniques to an offer but no leads, don’t halt your campaign, don’t contact support or your Affiliate Advisor—give it time.  Don’t act too hastily when just beginning to send traffic to something.

#5 – Your Ads are getting blocked by AdBlock and you’re not doing anything about it…


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