I’m still waiting for my check, what can i do?

So you’ve reached your minimum payout and have been waiting for your check to arrive, but still nothing in your mail box?

The shipping delay varies from approximately 2 weeks (United-States) to a couple of months (Asian countries), depending on your country location and postal service.  As the checks are sent through regular mail, no tracking number is issued.

If you feel you’ve waited too long for the check, and want to cancel it to receive your payment through another payment method, a 15$ cancellation fee will be charged by our bank and removed from the amount sent to you.

To avoid the cancellation fee, you can decide to let the check expire, which is 6 months after the check is sent. Your commission will then be automatically put back in your CrakRevenue account at the end of the expiration month, for the following payment (e.g. a check of July 15 would expire on Jan 15 but would be returned to your account on Feb 1, and paid the following payment date, so Feb 15).

Make sure to update your payment method  (if necessary) AT LEAST 5 days before a payment date, to be sure to receive your payment on time.



For more information, don’t hesitate to contact our support team!