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Our team of professional Media Buyers (one of the largest in the biz) share their vast knowledge and experience on all things Media Buying – for free. Learn about the Media Buying process and all about A/B testing, EPC, ECPM, CPC, bid price, flat rates, and the whole Media Buying language. Media Buying is a craft that can take years to master, but with a good strategy, and our leading expertise… you’ll be managing advertising campaigns and ad-space like a pro in no time!

What questions should I ask before buying at flat rate?

  • Am I getting the best spot at the best price?
  • Has the spot already been tested?
  • Does the spot have stats and data to back up its price?
  • Are you prepared for traffic fluctuations?
  • Do you know if the spot allows all content?
  • Does the site limit you in how you can display your ad?
  • Does your spot allow all types of creatives?
  • Are you watching your ad rotation?
  • Is the price right?
  • And most importantly, do you trust the seller?


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What is Media Buying?

A Media Buyer can be thought of as a trader, buying low and selling high, but with ads instead of stocks. He looks for the best ad placements and aims to monetize the traffic with the highest paying ad programs.

The more expensive the spot, the greater likelihood your ad will be seen by more people.

Remember, high traffic websites are like prime pieces of real estate: well positioned on a busy street corner with plenty of passersby.

A lot of publishers and advertisers are in fact, media buyers themselves.  If by chance they’re not, they’ll sure want to collaborate with one.

In other words, the media buyer’s a middleman.  And because he’s a solo act, it’s far easier to deal with him than a bunch of small time publishers.


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