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You’ve completed our Masterclass

Congratulations! You’ve completed our Affiliate Marketing Masterclass ūü§ó


Here’s a short recap of what you learned:

  • The¬†myths about Affiliate Marketing¬†and a lot of definitions
  • The¬†basics¬†when it comes to starting out in this business, and how to do things right to succeed
  • CrakRevenue’s promotional tools¬†and how much of a game changer they can be for you
  • The different¬†traffic sources¬†and¬†promotion methods
  • The¬†verticals,¬†payout types, allowed¬†promotion methods¬†and how the Terms of Service are very important to keep in mind
  • The importance of¬†A/B testing,¬†tracking, global postback and also the metrics everyone is talking about
  • Finally, how to set motivating and relevant goals and all the¬†benefits of doing business with a CPA Network 

Now that¬†you master all the Affiliate Marketing¬†basics, I think it’s safe to say you are ready to jump right into it. Mark this lesson complete and start your exam!