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What are some ways to create a promotional video?

First, establish your goal (i.e., “WHY do I need to create a video?”).

Most marketers will find the answer to this question to be:

  • To inform.
  • To explain.
  • To sell.

Then, there are a few guidelines you need to follow if you want to master the art of video marketing….

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We’ve also recently added Pre-roll adds to our offers!

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Step 2 : Watch and Learn!

Step 2 : Watch and Learn!

Before you jump the gun and rush to find a nice offer with high payout, here are some things you should know:

  1. Know how to surf our platform. Start by watching our short webinar to learn everything you need to know about our platform HERE.
  2. Take the time to browse through our Blog and our Knowledge Base to learn about our payment terms and methods, what traffic methods are allowed, etc. Many articles will help you optimize your campaigns and make profits, if you take the time to stop and read!
  3. Look out for this icon throughout the platform for short tutorial and useful tips:


You can also find all the tutorials HERE!

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Try them, we DARE YOU. The results may be higher than what you expected!