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What are CrakRevenue’s smartlinks?

The smartlinks are sending your traffic to the offer best suited to your traffic, based on user device, location and the vertical of your choosing. To maximize conversions, smartlinks utilizes creatives and landers that have proven to have the highest CTR. Not sure which offer is best for your traffic? This offer & smartlink is your best ally!

Smartlinks are available in the following verticals:

  • Dating (18+)
  • Cams (18+)
  • Adult (18+) (A combination of the 2 above verticals mentioned above)

All smartlinks are optimized on a daily basis.

Get Smarter about Smartlinks! from CrakRevenue on Vimeo.

As of recently, for quality assurance purposes, we are no longer working with smartlinks of the following verticals:

  • Nutra
  • Gay
  • Mainstream
  • VOD
  • Adult Gaming
  • VAST preroll