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E-mail Link

An E-mail Link refers to the affiliate link found inside an e-mail, be it a newsletter or signature.

E-mail links are also often seen in dedicated e-mail blast campaigns.

What if I need support or need tutorials?

It’s 95% guaranteed that the answer to your question is right here, in this knowledge base. We took a huge amount of time to build it, maintain it and provide very complete information to be able to answer most questions 24/7, 365 days per year, even when we are not there to answer.

So the first steps are definitely to browse into our knowledge base, the information is most likely here.

The support team communicates via the chat box available at the bottom right of the platform pages, and email (support@crakrevenue.com) only; that’s the fastest way for affiliates to talk with someone. But please don’t initiate multiple conversations, it will just slow down the whole process.

With about 4,000 active affiliates, these are the most efficient ways to manage communications and assure a fast reply.

Do we have tutorials?

You want to know and understand how to use our platform efficiently? Check out our webinars and tutorials! Short and easy to understand, you’ll become a CrakRevenue master in no time after watching these!

Knowing your way around the platform

Everything about Offers:

Payout types

Browsing offers

Everything about Stats:

The stats panel

The origin of the conversion

Where is the conversion coming from?

Here’s What You Should Know About EPC

Tracking Made Easy with Global Postbacks

Everything about Payments:

What does ”carried over” mean?

Payment Terms

Promo Tools:

Smartlinks; a short tutorial

Hey! Got suggestions for our next tutorials? GREAT! Let us know your idea(s) at support@crakrevenue.com !