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What makes a good web marketer?

In marketing, patience and perseverance wins out over everything else. These 2 qualities alone make a marketer. However, with every marketer, comes faux pas.

Good marketers should avoid these common mistakes…

  • Thinking one’s too good for social media.
  • Not bridging the gap.
  • Not knowing how to network.
  • Thinking that making big money is easy and quick.
  • Not recognizing one’s own strengths…

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What are some tips for building a sustainable business with CrakRevenue?

Making money is the core of any affiliate business—and any business that hopes to avoid bankruptcy.

But, making money at any cost may actually have more detrimental effects and pitfalls that can just as easily end your business faster than – say – bankruptcy.

There are some basic rules that need to be respected if you really wish to build those strong, long-lasting partnerships that are the cornerstone to sustainable growth.

Here are the 7 things you should have ingrained in your memory by now…

1- Respect our TOS, especially Section 5

2- Know your traffic won’t convert? Then don’t send it to a PPL offer.

3- Don’t act like a FISH … IF you’re a WHALE

4- Use only authorized or licensed content to promote

5- Leave all communication channels open

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