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Lead scrubbing is the term attributed to the process of removing non-legitimate leads.

Advertisers, affiliate networks, lead buyers — heck — ANY industry that deals with lead generation or prospective leads and potential consumer interest all set forth criteria to define what constitutes a legitimate lead from a non-legitimate one.

So, what generally constitutes a non-legitimate lead?

  • “bogus” entries (e.g., fake email submissions, “Asdf@Asdf.Com“, etc.)
  • inaccurate or falsified info
  • duplicate submissions (based on IP address)
  • fraudulent activity
  • leads generated through Spam and other Terms of Service infringing techniques

Another way of looking at leads is qualified vs unqualified.

Here are the 2 biggest misconceptions behind the term and the things you can do to actually help lower your scrub rate…

Misconception #1 – “Lead Scrubbing is a network shaving.”

Misconception #2 – “Lead scrubbing isn’t necessary.”

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