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What’s hot in the affiliate marketing world? This is the place to discover all the hottest trends. The face of online advertising is changing every day. See what others, including us, are doing about it. This section aims to change your way of thinking (and the way you promote) while covering the top online marketing strategies of today, tomorrow, and yesterday.

How do the holidays like Christmas affect online affiliate sales?

While Christmas may be known for lower sales in Western countries while web surfers spend more time with their loved ones and friends — surprisingly, there’s a few countries that have the opposite effect:  China, Japan, Malaysia, and Russia, just to name a few. These countries actually see more conversions during the Holiday months.

Even India and Italy seem to be immune…


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How Christmas Affects Your Adult Affiliate Marketing Sales

What are the current hottest Adult Marketing trends per Vertical?

At CrakRevenue, here are the trends we’ve witnessed throughout 2015:

Vertical Trends


  • Had the best ROI based on traffic volume sent
  • Best long term values in the industry as a whole.


  • Attracts the highest volumes of traffic.
  • More stability in earnings over longer periods of time, thanks in part to rebills.


  • Consistent revenue streams, year in and year out.
  • Dominating mobile-market player.


  • Surveys are attracting more and more quality traffic;
  • These offer higher engagement levels especially in Popunder form, over traditional pops.


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The Hottest Adult Trends & Verticals… Revealed

Is the Mobile Market a worthwhile focus?

Yes. Mobile advertising is definitely worth the hype—and focus.

With the number of Mobile users only expected to grow in the coming years, users as we all know are becoming more and more comfortable using their mobile devices for just about anything they might normally do on their computer. And visiting adult sites is no exception here.

That’s why it has never been more important to get a piece of that Mobile pie — and adapt that site of yours for the Mobile Revolution.


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The Mobile Advertising Market – Is it Worth the Hype?

Be Responsive! – Part 1 – Mobile Thoughts

I have $1,000 to invest in the adult niche: can you offer any recommendations?

In the affiliate marketing world in which we live, a $1,000 investment can make the difference between a hobby generating complementary revenue and a professional business.

“Money is the seed of money,” said the French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau — and nearly 200 years later, this statement holds true.

If you’re looking to grow your business, spending money wisely is fundamentally crucial to your success.

Here’s what we’d do with $1,000…

If You Have a Tube Site….

  • SEA – Search Engine Advertising

Search Engine Advertising (SEA) will always be a good investment because it’s one surefire way of gaining a greater level of quality and relevance when it comes to traffic.

  • Invest in a SEM Tool

Another solid choice is to invest in a professional Search Engine Marketing (SEM) tool.

At CrakRevenue, the SEM tool we use ourselves is called SEMrush.


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Bang For Your Buck:  Investing $1,000 Wisely

What are the best verticals to promote?

It’s like comparing apples and oranges: it depends on what kind of traffic you’re working with.

At CrakRevenue, we provide of hundreds offers in every adult vertical from online cams & online dating — to hookup offers, paysites, and beyond.

Each traffic source & traffic type is uniquely different. There’s no telling how something will ever perform.


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The Hottest Adult Trends & Verticals… Revealed