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Everything you need to know about CrakRevenue’s Affiliate Ranking.
Reach our TOP 200 and come swim with the Whales!

What is CrakRevenue’s quarterly “Affiliate Ranking”?

Every three months, CrakRevenue compiles a list and ranks each affiliate. We call this our quarterly Affiliate Ranking. It’s a system of classification and rewards for affiliates. Depending on the rank an affiliate gets, affiliates can reap different rewards.

Your status is updated every three months.

It’s a way of recognizing our top affiliates for their hard work and motivating others to reach for the top.

Here are some of the Ranks—and Rewards—affiliates can get:

Active affiliate

Access to our help desk, as well as hundreds of top-converting offers.

VIP affiliate (Top 200)

VIP affiliates get access to exclusive offers and promotions, as well as their own Account Manager. Being in the top 200 means you also qualify for a 3 day Annual Payout Bump that you can enact whenever you wish throughout the year.


ELITE CLUB affiliates are affs in the top 50.

If you’re ELITE CLUB status, you’re the best of the best.

On top of all the great benefits that VIP and Active affiliates get, ELITE CLUB affs receive a one-month Referral Earnings Bump of 20%, in addition to a longer Annual Payout Bump that can be used for as much as 10 days!

And let’s not forget about the great Christmas gift… yep, ELITE CLUB affs also get a rather sweet XMAS gift from Papa Whale & Co. in the mail around the holidays!

For more information about CR’s quarterly Affiliate Ranking, please see:

CrakRevenue's quarterly Affiliate Ranking

How often is CrakRevenue’s Quarterly Affiliate Ranking updated?

The main affiliate ranking is updated every 3 months and is based on your affiliate commissions year to date. This calculation will determine your status for the following 3 months (ELITE, VIP or ACTIVE). Please click here for more information about CrakRevenue’s ranking.

On the upper right side of CrakRevenue platform’s dashboard, there is a box dedicated to the affiliate ranking. This box shows both your main affiliate rank and your daily ranking.

Your  Total Payout year to date is a year-to-date indicator of your commissions. It includes your paid balances, as well as any payments to come, but does not include the current date’s payout.

Your Daily Ranking will measure your position compared to other CrakRevenue affiliates for the previous day and is updated every day around 5:30 PM EST.

This daily ranking doesn’t affect your affiliate status for the quarter but it can help you assess your position vs. other affiliates.