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Everything you need to know about CrakRevenue’s Affiliate Ranking.
Reach our TOP 400 and come swim with the Whales!

How often is CrakRevenue’s Quarterly Affiliate Ranking updated?

The Affiliate Ranking System is updated every 3 months and is based on your affiliate commissions year to date. This calculation will determine your status for the following 3 months (RISING STAR, ELITE, VIP or ACTIVE). Please click here for more information about CrakRevenue’s ranking.

On the upper right side of the CrakRevenue platform’s dashboard, there is a box dedicated to the affiliate ranking. This box shows both your main affiliate rank and your daily ranking.

Your  Total Payout year to date is a year-to-date indicator of your commissions. It includes your paid balances, as well as any payments to come, but does not include the current date’s payout.

Your Daily Ranking will measure your position compared to other CrakRevenue affiliates for the previous day and is updated every day around 5:30 PM EST.

This daily ranking doesn’t affect your affiliate status for the quarter but it can help you assess your position vs. other affiliates.