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What is an ACH Payment and how does this Payment Method work?


ACH stands for Automated Clearinghouse: an international payment delivery system.

ACH allows you to automatically receive your CrakRevenue payment in the local currency of your bank. Your bank account currency must match the country currency listed under your ACH Billing Information. Some restrictions may apply.

Regardless of your chosen currency, every payment will be issued in USD initially and shown in USD on CrakRevenue’s platform.

The fixed CrakRevenue fees for ACH are $2.

That said, CrakRevenue is not responsible for any currency exchange fees applied to your payment by our service provider.

Below are the countries and currencies available for ACH payment:

Country Currency
Australia AUD
Austria EUR
Belgium EUR
Bulgaria EUR
Canada CAD or USD (bank account currency must match)
If your bank’s institution number only has 3 digits, please add a 0 at the beginning to meet the 4 digits requirement (e.g., 0XXX).
Croatia EUR
Cyprus EUR
Czech Republic EUR
Denmark EUR
Estonia EUR
Finland EUR
France EUR
Germany EUR
Greece EUR
Hong Kong HKD
Hungary EUR
Iceland EUR
Ireland EUR
Italy EUR
Latvia EUR
Liechtenstein EUR
Lithuania EUR
Luxembourg EUR
Malta EUR
Monaco EUR
Netherlands EUR
New Zealand NZD
Norway (EUR) EUR or NOK (bank account currency must match)
Poland EUR
Portugal EUR
Romania EUR
San Marino EUR
Singapore SGD
Slovakia EUR
Slovenia EUR
Spain EUR
Sweden EUR
Switzerland EUR
United Kingdom EUR or GBP (bank account currency must match)
United States USD

IMPORTANT: Be sure to have on hand, and verify, all beneficiary and bank account details before setting this method. Any successful transfers to others (beneficiaries) are considered final, and we cannot be held responsible for the delay or loss of those funds thereafter.

Affiliates either from, or with banks/institutions in, the following countries will not have this option available for payouts:
– Cuba
– Iran
– North Korea
– Russia
– Syria
– Ukraine
– Venezuela

Transfers to these accounts through First Century Bank, or others, will not complete. We suggest a new payment method or ACH account be updated immediately, if possible.

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