Why have you decided to stop paying through Firstchoice Pay?

Firstchoice Pay has recently notified its clients that it had been forced to suspend all withdrawals from deposit accounts.

We — at CrakRevenue — are doing everything in our power to ensure the protection of your revenues.

Consequently, we have decided to end our business relationship with Firstchoice Pay. Therefore, Firstchoice Pay is no longer a payment option accepted at CrakRevenue.

Is your payment method set to Firstchoice Pay?

If so, we invite you to switch to another payment method as soon as possible.

Here are the other payment methods to choose from: Paxum, Check and Wire.

Indeed, there will be no more payment of CrakRevenue commissions issued through Firstchoice Pay.

This includes the next payment period scheduled on April 15, 2018: none of the payments due on this date will be issued through Firstchoice Pay.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.

-The CrakRevenue Team

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