What will change in the Payment / Profile sections of CR during the transition period of CR 2.0?

The main changes here pertain to the previous CR platform -- CrakRevenue Legacy -- such as...

  • CrakRevenue Legacy’s previous payment history section will no longer be updated. The up-to-date Payment History will be found in CrakRevenue 2.0.
  • CrakRevenue Legacy’s Profile section (which includes your payment information) will no longer allow modifications. You’ll need to go in the Profile section of CrakRevenue 2.0 to update your information.
  • The Payment History section for prior payment periods (prior to the October 18, 2016, CrakRevenue 2.0 launch date) will no longer be updated -- but it will remain available for purposes of reference in CrakRevenue Legacy.
  • Pending Payments on CrakRevenue Legacy will be transferred to CrakRevenue 2.0.

Commissions generated through CrakRevenue Legacy will be visible, paid, and accessible by navigating to the “CrakRevenue Balance Transferoffer.  

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