Firstchoice Pay replaced Payoneer

Payoneer paired with Firstchoice Pay since February 1st, 2017, and some particular Payoneer clients have been moved to Firstchoice Pay, while others stayed with Payoneer.

Payments from the moved partners will go to the Firstchoice Pay card.

Payoneer is working directly with Firstchoice Pay to ensure a secure and smooth transition of your account.

If you have and existing Payoneer account, you can try to log your account information in the Firstchoice Pay section of your CrakRevenue account. If you receive an error message after logging your Payoneer username and password, please contact the Firstchoice Pay Customer Care team to see what your options are.

Please note that we can not assist you with any technical issue with your Payoneer/Firstchoice Pay account, as we do not have access to their system or information.

This FAQ also explains the transition in more details.

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